Cozy at Home Essentials for Quarantine

It’s been almost a month since I’ve started to quarantine and to practice social distancing and let me tell you I’m starting to go a little insane! During this time, I have tried to take back control of my life by cleaning my house, focusing on self care, and making use of my Netflix and Hulu subscriptions. I must say, my apartment has never been more clean (the bright side of all this is most of us will come out of this with clean places LOL) and it feels nice being in comfy lounge wear all day and doing more face masks. I wanted to make a list of cozy at home “essentials” to make this time go by a little more smoothly for you all, because if we’re going to be stuck inside for a while, why not make the time spent inside as comfortable as possible?!

First up, my Champion Powerblend Joggers are the most comfortable and softest pair of joggers I own! They are perfect for lounging around in around the house all day and let me just say, I have been wearing these nonstop since I got them in the mail! They are also super affordable and are offering a $10 discount right now.

I have also been loving my InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser that has been great in helping to keep the house smelling fresh, calming me down, and cheering me up. Right now, my diffuser is under $30 and comes with 6 essential oils!

Next up are my HALLUCI Slippers which are super soft and comfortable. I wear them all day around the house and I never want to take them off!!

And I can’t forget about my Ekouaer Satin Pajama Set for sleeping (and working from home too ngl hehe!) and they also come in a long sleeve version!

Finally, my favorite item I recently purchased is my Rustic Floor Mirror that I use for my mirror pics on my Instagram. It is a game changer from my old, small mirror that was cracked. This mirror is SUPER wide and complements my room perfectly!

I’d love to hear what at home essentials you have been loving and how you have been spending your time at home! xoxo

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